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    When a newly acquired State has been accustomed, as I have said, to live under its own laws and in freedom, there are three methods whereby it may be held. The first is to destroy it; the second, to go and reside there in person; the third, to suffer it to live on under its own laws, subjecting it to a tribute, and entrusting its government to a few of the inhabitants who will keep the rest your friends

    This was very humbling, going from door to door. I have done a lot, but this type of thing is very personal. You talk to people and if they do commit to you, they are entrusting their faith in you for the betterment of the city. That is an awesome respons

    We certainly are excited about entrusting our defense to two capable men. This last year we've really shown great strides in our defense so we felt it was really important we stay within the same system.

    I understand that the directive may conflict with national laws, such as the German Constitution. There will be many more interesting twists and turns before it is put into full effect. Hopefully, for the sake of Europeans, it never will be. This shows how European law serves the interests of governments and bureaucrats much more than the European people. The error of entrusting privacy protection to government officials is becoming startlingly clear there.

    I believe sanity and realism can be restored to the teaching of Mathematical Statistics most easily and directly by entrusting such teaching largely to men and women who have had personal experience of research in the Natural Sciences.

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