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Quotes about dozing (7 Quotes)

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  • Sometimes he pursued the call into the forest, looking for it as though it were a tangible thing, barking softly or defiantly... Irresistible impulses seized him. he would be lying in camp, dozing lazily in the heat of the day, when suddenly his head would lift and his ears cock up, intent and listening, and he would spring on his feet and dash away, and on and on, for hours, though the forest aisles.
    (Jack London, "The Call of the Wild")
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  • Emma was no asleep, she was pretending to be asleep; and, while he was dozing off at her side, she lay awake, dreaming other dreams.
    (Gustave Flaubert, "Madame Bovary")
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  • The pipe, with solemn interposing puff,Makes half a sentence at a time enoughThe dozing sages drop the drowsy strain,Then pause, and puff -- and speak, and pause again.
    (William Cowper)
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  • An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox.
    (Lao Tzu)
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  • I was driving, Bill (Green) was riding shotgun and the starters were dozing in the back for most of the trip. When we woke them just before getting to Marion for a celebratory pep rally, Jay said to Lyndon, 'What time are we going to meet tomorrow to play' They had just won, and they already were talking about getting back on the court. They never rested.
    (Ray Sims)
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  • I like the fact you can spend two hours setting up a scene that will only last a couple of seconds. And I like just sitting around and dozing between scenes!
    (Mackenzie Crook)
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  • When I went back to England after a year away, the country seemed stuck, dozing in a fairy tale, stifled by the weight of tradition.
    (Brian Eno)
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