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    For as the interposition of a rivulet, however small, will occasion the line of the phalanx to fluctuate, so any trifling disagreement will be the cause of seditions ...

    It is a singularly unpleasant thought that a book about Holy Communion is more likely to produce disagreement and controversy than one written on almost any other Christian subject. It seems a truly terrible thing that this Sacred Appointment, which was surely meant to unite, in actual practice divides Christians more sharply than any other part of their worship. Christians of various denominations may, and frequently do, work together on social projects, they may study the Scripture together, and they may ... pray together. But the moment attendance at the Lord's Table is suggested, up go the denominational barriers...

    In some cultures, the sight of a woman's nose and mouth are considered irresistibly seductive. In others, the soles of a person's feet are perceived as disgusting beyond comprehension. In mainstream American culture, sex is obscene but violence is television fare for preschoolers. What is acceptable in swimwear is unacceptable in a restaurant. In an elevator we condone contact that would otherwise be actionable incriminal court. Rules of behavior are not absolute we negotiate them constantly.... Immodesty, indecency, obscenity are cultural factors, mutually agreed upon and negotiable. We are enjoined to 'cover our nakedness,' but there's considerable disagreement about what our nakedness is. Our noses and mouths The bottoms of our feet A lack of trust or mutual respect.

    I tend to take a more practical and pragmatic approach to things, rather than a theoretical or ideological approach, ... But I do think when it gets into an area where the correctness or incorrectness or my agreement or disagreement with a particular precedent is in an area that is likely to come before the court or could well come before the court, I do have to draw the line there. ... My views on the cases that I think are not likely to come before the court, I'm perfectly willing to discuss.

    There was no real disagreement as to subsistence, ... It was essential that the treaty be upheld in full, that there was no question whatever of going against any provision of the treaty, and in particular that Mr. Duisenberg having made it clear that he did not desire to serve the full term of eight years, that the decision as to when he goes is his and his decision alone.

    If we are all in agreement on the decision - then I propose we postpone further discussion of this matter until our next meeting to give ourselves time to develop disagreement and perhaps gain some understanding of what the decision is all about.

    As China-EU trade increases, there will be disagreement from time to time, such as the textile trade dispute, ... What we should do is to resolve the problem to increase the bilateral trade.

    A disagreement involving students from our College at Florham and Metropolitan Campus and guests attending an Association of Black Collegians dance at Florham on Saturday evening resulted in an escalating confrontation,

    As city attorney, my client is the city of Monticello. The actual conflict of interest would not have arisen until the city determined to pursue action against Mr. Donaldson. Once I disclosed the potential conflict in my memorandum dated Dec. 13, the only other action I took was at the instruction of the City Council to prepare the request for an opinion from the Municipal League. Once I received Mr. Rodgers letter informing me of his disagreement with the way I framed my questions I forwarded his letter to the Municipal League.

    There was disagreement both inside and outside of the state house about just what the appropriate age is for kids being able to take care of mobile computers. Laptops were seen as much more of a privilege than something that was essential for education.

    It was determined, as shown in the report of the Commission, which I can read to you, but I know you are familiar with the report. It states there was disagreement on this issue, particularly as the subject was debated, that there were different opinions about it.

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