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Quotes about despairs (7 Quotes)

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  • I loved her enough to forget myself, my self pitying despairs, and be content that something she thought happy was going to happen.
    (Truman Capote, "Breakfast at Tiffany's")
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  • He who despairs of the human condition is a coward, but he who has hope for it is a fool.
    (Albert Camus)
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  • A man can be a hero if he is a scientist, or a soldier, or a drug addict, or a disc jockey, or a crummy mediocre politician. A man can be a hero because he suffers and despairs or because he thinks logically and analytically or because he is ''sensitive'' or because he is cruel. Wealth establishes a man as a hero, and so does poverty. Virtually any circumstance in a man's life will make him a hero to some group of people and has a mythic rendering in the culture in literature, art, theater, or the daily newspapers.
    (Andrea Dworkin)
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  • I know nothing more mocking than a devil that despairs.
    (Wolfgang Goethe)
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  • An individual in despair despairs over something.... In despairing over something, he really despairs over himself, and now he wants to get rid of himself. Consequently, to despair over something is still not despair proper.... To despair over oneself, in despair to will to be rid of oneselfthis is the formula for all despair.
    (Søren Aabye Kierkegaard)
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  • Our life is always deeper than we know, is always more divine than it seems, and hence we are able to survive degradations and despairs which otherwise must engulf us.
    (William James)
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  • The reason why all men honor love is because it looks up, And not down aspires and not despairs.
    (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
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