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    That's how the average person is getting involved (in oil futures). You don't see the dentist from Des Moines buying 100 contracts. It's like buying shares in a mutual fund.

    It's true, thought Des Esseintes, pursuing his original line of reasoning most of the time Nature is incapable of producing such twisted, unhealthy species unaided. She provides the basic material, the seed and the soil, the nourishing matrix and the elements of the plant, which man then raises, models, paints and sculpts in his own way. In a few years, man can achieve what Nature, in her laziness, fails to produce over centuries.

    It's important to plan ahead, the timing is relevant. I can see some transportation method being used to and from Ames - that would be a major benefit even to students who want to live in Des Moines but attend Iowa State.

    I would suspect we're going to hear about accomplishments but also hear about things that are more for Des Moines (Iowa) and Nashua (N. H.). The larger audience will be the one he's thinking about in the future.

    It is more likely that Des Moines would be rated low for the first and second rounds (in basketball) due to limited air access and limited hotel space. It would very likely be too small for regional round games.

    Would I send Chris King to Des Moines or Washington, D. C., and feel secure in his ability to represent me (and his) ability to convey the information and the needs of this community and the ability to interact socially and professionally with our state and federal leaders.

    When I was growing up I used to think that the best thing about coming from Des Moines was that it meant you didn't come from anywhere else in Iowa. By Iowa standards, Des Moines is a mecca of cosmopolitanism, a dynamic hub of wealth and education . . .

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