Quotes about demetrius (12 Quotes)

    On a fading summer evening, late in the last hours of his old life, Peter Jaxon-son of Demetrius and Prudence Jaxon, First Family; descendent of Terrence Jaxon, signatory of the One Law; great-great-nephew of the one known as Auntie, Last of the First; Peter of Souls, the Man of Days and the One Who Stood-took his position on the catwalk above Main Gate, waiting to kill his brother.

    Demetrius was wont to say that there was no difference between the words and speech of the unskilled and ignorant and the sounds and rumblings caused by the stomach being full of superfluous wind. This he said, not without reason, for, as he held, it did not in the least matter from what part of them the voice emanated, whether from the lower parts or the mouth, since the one and the other were of equal worth and importance.

    Demetrius off the floor affected us a lot. Jones got off to that fast start and we didn't come out and attack shooters. We paid for it early and we paid for it losing Porter off the floor.

    No. 1 (Demetrius James) is an outstanding running back. He has good vision and he runs hard and fast. No. 10 (wide receiver Steve Dawson) is their big play man. When they need a big play on offense or on a kick return, they look for him.

    It was a saying of Demetrius Phalereus, that 'Men having often abandoned what was visible for the sake of what was uncertain, have not got what they expected, and have lost what they had, being unfortunate by an enigmatical sort of calamity.'

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