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    But he is such an under-control, mature kid. He's just unflappable. What he went through last year and with the team just decimated around him, he's just a very poised young man. If it was a kid I really thought would be afraid of any situation, I might say something, but I don't think I need to. I won't say anything to (him).

    It's not a program that I think is decimated, that there's no talent and no hope. It's just one of those things I feel like some new ideas and modernizing our approach and what we're doing will get kids excited in recruiting.

    Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history and has caused unimaginable devastation and heartbreak throughout the Gulf Coast region. A vast coastline of towns and communities has been decimated,

    We want first badly. As hard as we've worked, we've earned that right. At one time, before we were decimated by injuries, we were first overall in points. Today and Friday are points we must have.

    The Internet stocks have been under pressure since mid-March. The Internet, as a group, is down more than 50 percent. Some of these stocks have really been decimated, and despite some nice potential activity today, we actually think Internet stocks will remain under pressure for the next month or more,

    When we visit with Congressional offices, we are told again and again about the historic doubling of biomedical research funding that has occurred in the last decade. But for the as many as 7.5 million Americans with psoriasis, this doubling of funding at NIH is a cruel joke, because psoriasis research has actually been decimated during this time. People with psoriasis, and their loved ones, must step up and make their voices heard to get this reversed, or this incurable and often debilitating disease will continue to devastate lives for generations to come.

    What he did today was to make a very prudent business decision, ... With the tax base decimated for the next six to seven months ...(the city) has lost its basic revenue streams and customer base. You've got to pare down to a basic core and rebuild incrementally.

    Expect the biggest revivals in Kansas City (major defensive upgrades), Arizona (veteran QB Kurt Warner, Arrington, and second-year coach Dennis Green), and Carolina (decimated by injuries but still almost made the playoffs last year). Kansas City has a scintillating offense and a much better defense than last year, ... They're poised for a great season.

    The reason the recovery was so feeble was you still had these hangover effects from the real estate and banking sectors, ... Real estate was still reeling from excess capacity and the whole thrift industry had been decimated by bad loans.

    The majority of deer hunters in Pennsylvania are rapidly losing their confidence in the Pennsylvania Game Commission and their current deer management policy. Our whitetail deer herd has been decimated in many areas in the state and the Game Commission seems reluctant to make any changes.

    They delivered. You've seen these guys get decimated and be poorly managed. Mack just has to show up for work, and he'll do better.

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