Quotes about deceitful (16 Quotes)

    It's a great place to be gay online because no one knows who you are, where you live. They only know what you tell them. Online, you can lie. It's very easy to make up a whole different person online because you have a fake name and you can be really secretive and deceitful about it.

    Why are we still born Why do we die Why are there villains in this so deceitful world Look at a waterfall or a winter picture where snow lies on the branches of the trees. Do they know is sunset or dawn are close, if they are so beautiful in the shining rays of the morning star I don not think they know we like them so much, as we cannot know if other being with other different Logical Coefficient like some of our characteristics that we do not even know we have. Then who are we Only a whisper of pain said in a evening clouded by the Creator, so clouded that this whisper gives immediately birth to death or better said, it becomes death when it is born, but an increasingly slow death until it truly passes the threshold of death and then is doe not die slowly anymore but resurrects, without knowing if this rebirth is one that will go towards a birth followed by another slow death, to the winter of the being because we know that spring always brings the buds of the new leaves that will later become the rusty colour of autumn, and if these leaves would not exist anymore, where would there be the deadly rusty colour of autumn It is nowhere.

    the deceitful proposal that America and its ally Britain are trying to pass in the U. N. Security Council not only targets Iraq, but also other Arab countries and friendly countries that have trade and economic ties with Iraq.

    I'm absolutely astonished at the 'no wrongdoing' judgment. This was an essentially deceitful plan. The decision was kept away from parliament. This is no way to conduct the government of this country.

    Handsome and well shaped, stout hearted, vehement, eager, cruel in war, zealous in attack, little fearing death not revengeful but fickle, presumptuous, rash, boastful deceitful very suspicious, especially of strangers.

    There is nothing more natural than to consider everything as starting from oneself, chosen as the center of the world; one finds oneself thus capable of condemning the world without even wanting to hear its deceitful chatter.

    Not only have the police been devious and deceitful withus in our campaign to keep innocent men in prison, ... far worse, after having a child killer, the police have deceived Mr. and Mrs. Bridgewater.

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