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    In the London production, Powell was represented much more, if you like, as a hero. I admire him as a man who understands what collateral damage is, who understands what a military operation is, and who knows what it's like to see people's lives destroyed by bombs. On the other hand, a number of people who saw the play in London, who were as they say, 'close,' did say, 'You've taken too benign a view of Powell.' And in this production in New York, I've toughened up the writing about Powell. I've come to believe that 'conflicted' would be a very polite word for his UN presentation.

    Often the deputy solicitor general is simply passing on and concurring with something someone else has written, ... Hypothetically, there could be a case sometime where Roberts would say that some position conflicted with the administration's political ag

    I love Jake's performance, ... It's thoughtful, introspective, rough, brash, conflicted ... and those are things that I was. Through the combination of having read the book, Bill's script and Sam's direction, he really captured that young 20-year-old Marine at war with many things.

    It has to do with a young man's conflicted ideas about himself and his father, who has just died. So you have the deceased father. You have the mother who's now involved with a man right after the funeral.

    Capote was an enormously and dangerously ambitious, talented, conflicted guy who really concealed himself from the public. He was at once a very public figure and a very private figure. And this is a movie that sort of peels back the public mask and gets into the heart of darkness.

    an opportunity to explore our country's uniquely conflicted and contradictory history of intimacy and separatism - America's lovehate relationship with itself.

    I understand that people are conflicted and clearly see this as a vote of conscience, but from a purely political point of view, the Democrat activist base has long been concerned that our party is too accommodating with Bush.

    This is a classic case of trying to buy political cover from both sides of the aisle. Who's left to prosecute The company and the CEO have basically conflicted every public official out.

    I think I've always sort of been conflicted and on the edge of something. I don't think I could do what I do if I wasn't on the edge.

    There's an internal conflict as Bush tries to satisfy two different constituencies. The public finds reassurance in government taking a harsher stance, but big business is a little conflicted in that it traditionally doesn't want government putting too many regulations on it.

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