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Quotes about college-bound (3 Quotes)

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  • The last 30 minutes, I will cover local issues, what financial help is available in Payson and the best ways to apply for help. This isn't just for college-bound students, it's also for those going on to vocational and technical schools.
    (Don Heizer)
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  • We're talking about students who may not have even envisioned themselves as college-bound learners. One of the things we try to accomplish is to give them this validation -- that college is a real possibility. It's not going to happen by chance you need to work very hard, but it will happen.
    (Maria Schmidt)
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  • The movement is interested not so much in developing street thugs who beat up people in bars, but college-bound teens who live in middle-class and upper-class homes.
    (Mark Potok)
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