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    The color of his pallor, however, was a curiously basic white - unmixed, that is, with the greens and yellows of guilt or abject contrition. It was very like the standard bloodlessness in the face of a small boy who loves animals to distraction, all animals, and who has just seen his favourite, bunny-loving sister's expression as she opened the box containing his birthday present to her - a freshly caught young cobra, with a red ribbon tied in an awkward bow around its neck.

    We are double-checking the situation regarding COBRA benefits. Some authorities say even if they discontinue business, they have to maintain group health insurance.

    In 1968, I was driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a Shelby Cobra with three gorgeous young birds. Suddenly, the radio program was interrupted to report that I'd just been found in my hotel room dead from an overdose.

    His role of Glengarry office manager John Williamson, a sort of cobra but with less warmth, marks Weller's second Broadway success in a row directed by Joe Mantello coming on the heels of his memorable bigoted baseball pitcher Shane Mungit in Richard Greenberg's Take Me Out . It's a great feeling to be in a hit that has won the Tony as Best Play, ... as it is now Best Revival.

    You know, if I had a cobra, and I was looking at him to buy him. He's had seven other owners, and he's bitten and killed all seven owners, ... And then he turns around and says 'you can trust me.'

    Nature shows suck ass, though cobras are pretty sweet. Pretty much any animal that has a gang named after it is pretty bad ass. I would go for an animal combo, like a bear that carried a cobra -- total unstoppable force. Give that thing wings and humanity is fed.

    Most people who are eligible for COBRA don't take it. About 20 percent of eligible people use it. The other 80 percent buy on the individual market, or are uninsured.

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