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    Benton County Prosecuting Attorney Robin Green said she handled several jury trials in Huffmans court after he was assigned DWI appeals from municipal courts. Although I did not always agree with his rulings, I enjoyed Judge Huffman and his personality, ... He truly enjoyed the courthouse camaraderie. Every year he would bring cinnamon rolls to his office and invite everyone in the courthouse to join him for coffee and cinnamon rolls.

    He from forth the closet brought a heap Of candied apple, quince, and plum, and gourd With jellies soother thank the creamy curd, And lucent syrops, tinct with cinnamon Mama and dates, in argosy transferrd From Fez and spiced dainties, every one, From silken Samarcand to cedard Lebanon.

    The colors on citrus-crate labels went beyond nature and spoke directly to fantasy apricot, purple, cobalt blue, sea green, cinnamon, cinnabar, mauve, yellow, orange.

    Those are probably the best things to eat up there. Those cinnamon rolls are just amazing. I probably have four or five every time. Last time we went, there was only one roll left, and my dad ended up buying it for 100. That's how good they are.

    I like cinnamon rolls, but I don't always have time to make a pan. That's why I wish they would sell cinnamon roll incense. After all I'd rather light a stick and have my roommate wake up with false hopes.

    They're three totally different kinds of guys, but that's good. It's like on a cooking show. You need a little bit of everything some spices, some cayenne pepper, some cinnamon to make it work.

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