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  • Chiron probably wanted me to say, Heck it wa nothing. I eat hellhounds for breakfast. But I didn't feel like lying.
    (Rick Riordan, "The Lightning Thief")
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  • Once I got over the fact that my Latin teacher was a horse, we had a nice tour, though I was careful not to walk behind him. I'd done pooper-scooper patrol in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade a few times, and, I'm sorry, I did not trust Chiron's back the the way I trusted his front.
    (Rick Riordan, "The Lightning Thief")
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  • If you look at it from any other side, it looks like a pile of enormous deer droppings, but Chiron wouldn't let us call the place the Poop Pile, especially after it had been named for Zeus, who doesn't have much of a sense of humor.
    (Rick Riordan, "The Titan's Curse")
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  • We released three bulk lots, ... There have been spot shortages because Chiron got out of the gate late.
    (Julie Zawisza)
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  • Chiron has recently made tremendous strides, including returning to the U.S. influenza vaccine market, building a compelling oncology pipeline and extending our growth in the blood-testing business,
    (Howard Pien)
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  • The jewels are the vaccines business and blood testing. There's nothing about Chiron that makes you say 'wow, we need to buy this for the pipeline.' The portfolio is rather lackluster compared to other biotechnology companies.
    (Eric Bernhardt)
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  • Their desire to purchase Chiron should no way put the burden on them to become the next U.S. vaccine supplier.
    (Eric Schmidt)
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  • Our plan is to turn around the Chiron vaccines business, which will require investments in RD and manufacturing to increase quality and capacity, so that we can better meet customer demand and address public health needs,
    (Daniel Vasella)
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  • It's premature to put a number on the actual supply for next year because manufacturing is continuing, and there are still some uncertainties with respect to Chiron, but we are very encouraged by being able to license this new vaccine, and also I think Chiron has reached a significant milestone in terms of their recent FDA inspection. We're encouraged by the positive track they're on, although the assessment is ongoing. The bottom line is it's encouraging. We certainly are hopeful that there will be additional vaccine beyond what was available last year.
    (Jesse Goodman)
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