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Quotes about carnival (16 Quotes)

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  • It sounds like a circus -- like you won stuff at a carnival,
    (Josh Homme)
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  • Marriage isn't a carnival ride.
    (Aisha Tyler)
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  • Everything being a constant carnival, there is no carnival left.
    (Victor Hugo)
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  • Toward the end of February the weather is usually ideal. It's a beautiful time as far as the winds go. One of the things that the public really enjoys is that each night there will be a balloon glow You can see all of the balloons in the distance from the carnival and from the church.
    (Frank Ferraro)
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  • Carnival took the myth out of cruising. We took what some considered elitist and made it an everyman vacation. So why not do the same with wine The beverage of choice for most Americans is still beer, but we want to create an awareness that wine is not just for the snooty or the snobbish.
    (Bob Dickinson)
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  • The economic game is not supposed to be rigged like some shady ring toss on a carnival midway.
    (Arianna Huffington)
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  • I fear the carnival of crime is beginning on our border.
    (Edward Blake)
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  • I probably worked every single entertainment medium, including some that don't exist. I worked the circus, carnival, I had my own medicine show, I worked 18 years of radio.
    (Al Lewis)
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  • On December 12, 1829, Paganini wrote his friend Germi 'The variations I've composed on the graceful Neapolitan ditty, 'Oh Mamma, Mama Cara,' outshine everything. I can't describe it' He was writing from Karlsruhe, in the midst of his triumphal tour through Germany. That letter marks the earliest known mention of the variations that would become famous as 'The Carnival of Venice.' At the time of his letter, Paganini had already performed the piece in at least four concerts. From then on, it would be one of his most popular compositions.
    (Nicolò Paganini)
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  • A political convention is after all not a meeting of a corporation's board of directors it is a fiesta, a carnival, a pig-rooting, horse-snorting, band-playing, voice-screaming medieval get-together of greed, practical lust, meeting, feud, vendetta, conciliation, of rabble-rousers, fist fights (as it used to be), embraces, drunks (again as it used to be) and collective rivers of animal sweat.
    (Norman Mailer)
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  • We made it clear when Carnival made its initial proposal that our response was based on two simple criteria -- value for our shareholders and deliverability,
    (Peter Ratcliffe)
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  • Films have degenerated to their original operation as carnival amusement - they offer not drama but thrills.
    (David Mamet)
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  • To-morrow, when the masks shall fall
    That dizen nature's carnival,
    The pure shall see, by their own will,
    Which overflowing love shall fill,-
    'Tis not within the force of Fate
    The fate-conjoined to separate.
    (Ralph Waldo Emerson, "")
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  • One has to look at this in the context of Carnival when there's a serious demand for these officers to continue to work extended hours, although they knew there was no approval to pay them-so we were not surprised that they took a form of protest action.
    (Steven Thomas)
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  • but don't blame Carnival Cruise Lines for canceling cruise ships with 100,000 customers. That's their business.
    (Jeb Bush)
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