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    I think one of the great problems we have in the Republican Party is that we don't encourage you to be nasty. We encourage you to be neat, obedient, loyal and faithful and all those Boy Scout words, which would be great around a campfire but are lousy in politics.

    Well, religion has been passed down through the years by stories people tell around the campfire. Stories about God, stories about love. Stories about good spirits and evil spirits.

    Rule No. 1 is prepare as much as you can at home, ... Cook chicken and de-bone it before transporting it, and cut up your beef before cooking over the fire. I cut up the beef at home because of sanitary conditions, but I do cook the meat on the campfire.

    This song of the waters is audible to every ear, but there is other music in these hills, by no means audible to all.... On a still night, whenthe campfire is low and the Pleiades have climbed over rimrocks, sit quietly and listen ... and think hard of everything you have seen andtried to understand. Then you may hear it a vast pulsing harmony its score inscribed on a thousand hills, its notes the lives and deaths ofplants and animals, its rhythms spanning the seconds and the centuries.

    Storytelling will always be the most important aspect of a show. It doesn't matter if it's online, if viewers are offering input or if it's bringing together different online properties. It will be the same online as it is around the campfire if you can't tell a good story, nobody will listen.

    Nobody could watch TV or anything. The coaches gave us like 20 flashlights, and we all went out in the hall and shot the s---. It was like a campfire or something -- we sat there and told stories about everything and just talked about life.

    When trees are killed in fires, there is a lot of dead standing timber out there. Our fear is that eventually a wind storm will blow the dead trees over and create an enormous campfire effect across thousands of acres.

    I start with the story, almost in the old campfire sense, and the story leads to both the characters, which actors should best be cast in this story, and the language. The choice of words, more than anything else, creates the feeling that the story gives off.

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