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    I remember it was one of the highlights of, you know, my years, being able to caddy for a pro, so you know I just had a chance to do that this year and thought it'd be a great idea.

    I enjoy playing here so much. It's meant so much to me. I've been fortunate to be a champion here. With Carl, my caddy who is just a great friend, a wonderful person. We're just enjoying being here, really.

    A lot of people like to think that golf is a lazy man's sport, ... Or it's a rich man's sport, or it's a sport that they can't be involved in. But they don't know Francis' story, which is why the movie was made in the first place To bring back this amazing tale so that people could be educated about how interesting it was. When golf used to be a rich man's sport, if you were poor you could not step foot on a course. Francis was a caddy. He grew up across the street from the course, looked up to Harry Vardon (played by Stephen Dillane in the film), this five-time British Open champion but he was never allowed to play.

    Mr. Stephens and another member at Augusta, John Griffith from Texas, were trying to figure out a good caddy who could get along with Ben. They thought I was the one. Between Mr. Griffith and Mr. Stephens, they got us both to agree and we've been with each other ever since. We work so well together.

    My caddy today was a Scot and he told me that he was cheering for Australia, which I thought was a bit harsh. But generally I've been amazed at how many people have come up to me here in Scotland and said 'I've never really watched cricket before, but I was hooked all summer.' It's great.

    I just lost my head completely with my caddy. He confused me on a few things way too late in the process. I went short and left in the trap (on No. 17) and made bogey and probably took the wrong club at the last as well.

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