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    I do not believe that the accident of birth makes people sisters and brothers. It makes them siblings. Gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood and brotherhood are conditions people have to work at. It's a serious matter. You compromise, you give, you take, you stand firm, and you're relentless...And it is an investment. Sisterhood means if you happen to be in Burma and I happen to be in San Diego and I'm married to someone who is very jealous and you're married to somebody who is very possessive, if you call me in the middle of the night, I have to come.

    There is ample precedent for the Security Council to take up the human rights and political situation in a country with as horrific a record as Burma, especially when suffering spills across borders.

    The ban on new U.S. investment in Burma is the latest in a series of sanctions the United States has imposed in response to the utter lack of political freedom in that country, ... and because its government has failed to cooperate in the war against drugs.

    We want the U.N. Security Council, whether it is under the international threat to peace (measure) or just on the basis of its human-rights mandate, to take up the issue of Burma much more seriously, much more consistently.

    The goal should be a resolution down the road. It's not going to be easy to get because of Chinese opposition. But then again people said we would not even get a discussion of Burma in the U.N. Security Council and we proved them wrong.

    In a way, it's more a 19th-century game. They are buying long-term supplies wherever they find them - including in unsavory places like Sudan, Iran and Burma where we won't buy. They say it is benign, because they don't interfere with the internal affairs of other nations. And we say it is anything but benign, because it finances these regimes' bad behavior.

    Like, Mission Of Burma to me always sounded almost like they were part of the British Arty New Wave. I kind of like that. I like not being able to tell the difference.

    Democracies like the Philippines should be ashamed if they try to block discussion of Burma (Myanmar) at the Security Council, ... Burma has embarrassed ASEAN over and over again.

    In the 'Nike Economy,' there are no standards, no borders and no rules. Clearly, the global economy isn't working for workers in China and Indonesia and Burma any more than it is for workers here in the United States.

    A Hair's Breadth In Burma there is a huge rock that balances on the edge of a cliff, kept from toppling, they say, by one hair plucked from Buddha's beard. Monks rise early to climb the steep, jagged path to view this miracle as the sun begins its day shi.

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