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    And they talk about their bona fide doctors. They have a list of doctors that signed affidavits from looking at a picture of Terry. That's where they get their information from, by looking at a picture.

    Baseball does have some slack here. When they were losing 20 million a year in Montreal, there was some pressure to get rid of it. But as long as they are profitable in Washington, there is less pressure. They've got eight bona fide 450 million offers to buy the team, and those offers aren't going to go away soon.

    We had other pitchers ahead of him (on the depth chart). Bona fide major-league pitchers have to be consistent. At times, Hudson was very, very good. At times he was very, very bad. What separates everybody is consistency.

    I'm passionate about everything, like my family and friends. Anybody I am talkin' to is gonna be bona fide real. There is no substitution for happiness. Period.

    People have discovered that this industry is one of the most successful elements of e-commerce. It's time for this industry to act like a real bona fide segment of business.

    From worthy Edward, King of Albion,
    My lord and sovereign, and thy vowed friend,
    I come, in kindness and unfeigned love,
    First to do greetings to thy royal person,
    And then to crave a league of amity,
    And lastly to confirm that amity
    With nuptial knot, if thou vouchsafe to grant
    That virtuous Lady Bona, thy fair sister,
    To England's King in lawful marriage.

    Myself have often heard him say and swear
    That this his love was an eternal plant
    Whereof the root was fix'd in virtue's ground,
    The leaves and fruit maintain'd with beauty's sun,
    Exempt from envy, but not from disdain,
    Unless the Lady Bona quit his pain.

    For years, we've been advising buyers that greener models are available to them no matter what type of vehicle they're shopping for. Today, with a bona fide gas-powered SUV on our Greenest Vehicles list, this advice rings truer than ever,

    We felt like there were other people ahead of him. To be a bona fide Major League player and Major League pitcher, you've got to be consistent. At times, he was very, very good. At other times, he was very bad. What separates you is consistency.

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