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    It's very technical, but I think it is an argument over nothing. There are more important issues out there. But we know what was discussed and what was intended when we made the agreement. And what can't be debated is that Magna is proposing stopping racing here on Preakness day, and the agreement says racing must run through Belmont day 2006. That's three weeks out of the calendar. You can't argue with that fact.

    We really wanted to put ourselves on the map. That was one of the goals we had as players for this season. That kind of exposure is the kind of exposure that we need to make Belmont more well known across the country.

    Here's a guy that was running away from the pack like Secretariat winning the Belmont by 30 lengths, and now people are starting to question the quality he was running away from. Exactly what was he 30 lengths ahead of ... But now that he's lost and lost in devastating fashion, I think people are asking that question louder and more often.

    They are all great to me. If you had to pick one out, yeah, it's this one just because of the grade. But I don't know. The race at Belmont Park was pretty exciting. He really showed his courage and his talent that day.

    We needed to shoot more in this game then we did in our last game against Belmont, and the team came through. We have some tough games ahead, but if we keep playing the way we did tonight, we can win these next two games.

    Belmont Technical College was a dream conceived by those with great vision as an answer to meeting many of the needs of the resident of the Ohio Valley, ... John Shannon was chosen to lead the way in this endeavor. As the college's first president, he represented the vision and perseverance that paved the way for the growth of the college.

    We had a property on Belmont Road, where Hawkeye is now located and we put it up for sale and used the funds for the deposit. We raised funds from other areas of our operation and within a week, signed a sales agreement to acquire Mitchell's.

    We are in discussion with MTSU and Belmont with several of their players. There are no age limits. Some of the top (high school) players in this area very likely will be prospects or potential players for this team.

    I said before, hopefully, Belmont day, I would move for every racetrack to have a lemonade stand on Belmont day throughout the entire United States and give a dollar to the lemonade stand or their local juvenile cancer fund. And, like I said earlier, everybody who was fortunate enough to bet on this horse, makes a little money, just take 1, donate it to Alex's Lemonade Stand or local juvenile cancer fund, and maybe we can make the world a better place.

    I think his chances of being at Belmont a couple of months from now are very good. I would rather train him up to the Breeders' Cup. If I can find something in California against older horses, that would be a possibility.

    I'm not afraid to route this filly. If I had left her in New York after the Test to get acclimated to Belmont, she might have won, since she switched leads too early on that big turn, but hindsight is 2020. Anyway, she's never trained as well as she has lately and we're really looking forward to this race.

    Internet crime has become the new wave of crime against children, ... Belmont County Sheriff Fred Thompson's participation in this statewide task force will hold Internet pedophiles accountable and ensure they are apprehended and punished.

    We knew she was going to make that second shot, and so did she. With this win we managed to knock Belmont out of the playoffs, and at the same time we kept our hopes alive. This is absolutely the biggest win we've had so far this season. Give Belmont credit, they've played in a lot of close games this year.

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