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    We had always insisted on working with actors because they do what they're told. You can make actors play the character exactly as you want him, expressing opinions on politics, religion, all aspects of society. No comedian would do that for fear of alienating their following. Actors brush off criticism by attributing offending mannerisms or material to the role. Besides, comedians argue about the laughs.

    There is no basis for attributing blame or responsibility for the maladministration of the Sponsorship Program to any other Minister of the Chrtien Cabinet, ... since they, like all Members of Parliament, were not informed of the initiatives authorized by former Chrtien chief of staff Jean Pelletier.

    Despite the selling, traders appeared fairly optimistic, many attributing the day's decline to investors pulling out profits after recent record session. I see the flow of funds still exceptionally favorable for the stock market, ... 8,000 is my number. We should be there in the next week or two.

    Any time you have a situation like this it creates opportunities for companies to clean up their attics, and that means lowering estimates and partly, or completely, attributing it to Katrina.

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