Quotes about assholes (12 Quotes)

    I'm going to put them in the slam, my friend, and if I hear they got their puckery little assholes cored down there in Thomaston, I'm gonna send them cards saying I hope whoever did it had AIDS.

    Gay' is not another word for 'shitty' if you want to call the band shitty, then say they're shitty. Don't call them gay, because GAY is NOT another word for shitty..... you homophobic assholes.

    I'm a big fan of Klosterman, so I thought it was cool. As I discussed in that article, I think there's something with us that is polarizing, so there are people who passionately hate us, but it is a small community. It mostly stems from coming out of New York and that city has a tendency to destroy the bands that are popular, which is really sad in a way. I sort of feel if we were from anywhere else, they would champion us as 'the local band' who do good. However, to be clear, that does not represent New York as a whole. Just a small community of people who are real assholes.

    I wasn't going to stand our here listening to those quarrelling voices in my head. If I wasn't crazy--and I didn't think I was--listening to those contentious assholes would probably send me there, and by the express.

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