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  • It's always a great rivalry game with Army-Navy and I think our guys showed a lot of heart on the road today. They showed a lot of different defenses and I think our guys did a good job executing.
    (Jim Crews)
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  • (Brad) came over and we watched the Army-Navy game on TV and he got sucked in a little bit. When you go there, your jaw just drops and he knew it was for him.
    (Nick Kamberis)
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  • I am not going to let this game define (my Army-Navy career). I am going to look at it as a very good opportunity, a great game to play in. And I will definitely focus on the wins we've had.
    (Erik Engstrom)
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  • I'm sure John Walker is going to play great in his last Army-Navy game.
    (Richie Meade)
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  • Army-Navy, by far, ... Many rivalries Ohio State-Michigan, USC-UCLA, Auburn-Alabama are regional rivalries within conferences that encompass a state, or maybe two states, whereas Army-Navy encompasses all 50 states.
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  • We're excited to be able to partner with the Naval Academy and play host tithe Army-Navy doubleheader. We think it will be fun for fans of both the Midshipmen and the Black Knights, and it will be especially rewarding for players on both teams to experience playing at Camden Yards.
    (Mike Flanagan)
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