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    Jose Celaya needs to start living like a fighter, being in camp, doing all of the things a fighter does. That's the bottom line, ... I had legendary trainers when I was fighting -- Angelo Dundee, Lou Duva and Georgie Benton -- but I never listened to them. I always thought I knew more. And you know what I didn't.

    I don't really even want to think about Cooper. I'm so concerned with Central. They're a good basketball team. They're very capable of beating us and going to San Angelo is never easy. Cooper is not on the radar right now.

    But mark how heavily this befell to the poor gentlewoman:
    there she lost a noble and renowned brother, in his love toward
    her ever most kind and natural; with him the portion and sinew of
    her fortune, her marriage-dowry; with both, her combinate
    husband, this well-seeming Angelo.

    In 2003 the brothers learned that community college students with high GPAs could apply to transfer into the UC system. Angelo went first, to UCLA, where he will graduate this spring. Josh followed in his footsteps to UCLA this fall. Daniel decided to head north. Leaving his brothers in Los Angeles was hard, but UC Berkeley has always held a special attraction for me, ... It has such a storied history, and I like how the university looks at the world from a humanitarian and activist viewpoint. It also has a good history department.

    It was at the Sahara. Ang hadn't yet cashed my check when we walked up to the craps table together. He had 40 bucks in his pocket when he picked up the dice. Forty-five minutes later, he was still the shooter and I had made 14,000. Angelo was 25,000 ahead. 'Give me the money,' I said. 'For once in your life, you're not going to blow it.' 'Can I pay my debts' he asked. 'Of course.' He had 9,000 worth of debts. He asked, 'Can I send my mother 3,000' I said, 'That's very admirable.' There was 13,000 left. I put it in a little trust fund. 'To get at it,' I told him, 'you're going to have to convince my wife you need it.' It took him less than six months to talk her out of every cent. That was Angelo.

    I don't personally know Michael Angelo or his music, but regarding contests and who is faster or whatever. It doesn't interest me. Trying to determine who picks more notes per second is ridiculous. What is important is the quality of the music and how well it speaks to fans who love it.

    I never felt so fervently thankful, so soothed, so tranquil, so filled with the blessed peace, as I did yesterday when I learned that Michael Angelo was dead.

    I made a decision to bring our troops home a few days early in order to spare the life of Angelo. I do not regret the decision. Every life is important. Angelo's was spared and we rejoice. We're all rewarded for it, particularly his loving family and friends,

    I thought Angelo did well considering he was thrown in there with no notice. The one thing about being a backup is you have to prepare like you're about to play. He does a great job of preparing, and (linebackers coach) Don Blackmon does a great job of preparing the backups like starters.

    A lot of credit has to go to general manager Jerry Angelo and his staff. But nowadays in this league, with injuries and free agency, every year is a whole different year and you never know.

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