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    From the aspect of business, it is definitely good, but from the political standpoint, let the Prime Minister reply,

    People regard the monsoon season as a natural disaster and there have always been negative conceptions that the monsoon season isnt a good time to visit Terengganu,

    We will not have any role in its work as we want the commission to be really independent and free of any form of government intervention.

    Although the ASEAN-US dialog is 28 years old this year, I feel this still suffers a considerable problem with expectations which do not match,

    We detest any form of violence related to religion, or ideology or race.

    I have been informed that he has been arrested for no longer having valid travel documents,

    They (the major powers) appeared to lack confidence that Iran would not eventually produce nuclear bombs,

    Nothing seems to please them in whatever is happening in Malaysia, ... We knew it all the time that they were going to criticize.

    the only way to deal effectively with the scourge of international terrorism.

    To develop the human capital, we want our citizens to be fully equipped with knowledge, practice good moral values, have a broad mind, love the country and possess the physical and spiritual strength,

    As far as we are concerned, he has committed a serious offense and we cannot hand him over to others to be extradited,

    There are too many individuals who take advantage of the freedom of expression to make many wild and slanderous allegations and we should not allow this to continue when what they said is not true,

    ministers expressed concern over the latest developments on the situation in Cambodia.

    It is not appropriate at all for the money to be spent on someones retirement. It is over the top,

    We would like to invite the United States to consider acceding to the TAC, ... Such a step would indeed serve as a symbol of political commitment to the region by the United States.

    We are concerned about the developing dichotomy in Japanese-Chinese relations, which we consider one of the main pillars of East Asian cooperation.

    We do not want anyone to say that we are restricting its work. This will then be no good,

    Strengthening human capital and bringing about a cultural and mindset change will be a key challenge during the plan period.

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