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Then he talks about his recent success creating a musical chip that's tiny enough to be concealed in a flake of glitter but can hold hours of songs.

("Catching Fire")

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So I thought if I stopped being so, you know, wounded, we could take a shot at just being friends. - Peeta Mellark
Suzanne Collins

As coal pressured into pearls by our weighty existence. Beauty that arose out of pain.
Suzanne Collins

Anyway, even if she's sugarcoating my good points, I appreciate it. Frankly, I could use a little sugarcoating.
Suzanne Collins

When I break into the clearing, she's on the ground, hopelessly entangled in a net. She just has the time to reach her hand through the mesh and say my name before the spear enters her body.
Suzanne Collins

It's weird, how much he's noticed me... And apparently, I have not been as oblivious to him as I imagined, either.
Suzanne Collins

You know, you're kind of squeamish for such a lethal person
Suzanne Collins

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