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Our romance became a key strategy for our survival in the arena. Only it wasn't just a strategy for Peeta.

("Catching Fire")

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Star-crossed lovers desperate to get home together. Two hearts beating as one. Romance.
Suzanne Collins

I'm not prepared for Rue's family. Her parents, whose faces are still fresh with sorrow. Her fiver younger siblings, who resemble her so closely. The slight builds, the luminous brown eyes. They form a flock of small dark birds.
Suzanne Collins

It's there. The white rose among the dried flowers in the vase. Shriveled and fragile, but holding on to that unnatural perfection cultivated in Snows greenhouse. I grab the vase, stumble down to the kitchen, and throw its contents into the embers. As the flowers flare up, a burst of blue flame envelops the rose and devours it. Fire beats roses again.
Suzanne Collins

So it's you and a syringe against the Capitol? See, this is why no one lets you make the plans.
Suzanne Collins

No, when the time comes, I'm sure I'll kill just like everybody else. I can't go down without a fight. Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to…to show the Capitol they don't own me.
Suzanne Collins

As coal pressured into pearls by our weighty existence. Beauty that arose out of pain.
Suzanne Collins

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