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(About Nature, Weeds)

It's the final word in camouflage. Forget chucking weights around. Peeta should have gone into his private session with the Gamemakers and painted himself into a tree. Or a boulder. Or a muddy bank full of weeds.

("The Hunger Games")

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I press my ear against his chest, to the spot where I always rest my head, where I know I will hear the strong and steady beat of his heart. Instead, I find silence.
Suzanne Collins

You're hideous, you know that, right?
Suzanne Collins

Yeah, we wouldn't want to lose our little Mockingjay when she's finally begun to sing.
Suzanne Collins

Oh, well. At least my blood is flowing.
Suzanne Collins

My nightmares are usually about losing you. I'm okay once I realize you're here.
Suzanne Collins

Just remember, stealing's punishable by death
Suzanne Collins

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