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But there was only one kiss that made me feel something stir deep inside. Only one that made me want more. But my head wound started bleeding and he made me lie down.

("Catching Fire")

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At the moment, the choice would be simple. I can survive just fine without either of them
Suzanne Collins

I don't care if you got knocked up. I can still rip your throat out
Suzanne Collins

Besides, it's the first gift that's always the hardest to pay back. I wouldn't even have been here to do it if you hadn't helped me then.
Suzanne Collins

I wish Peeta were her to hold me, until I remember I'm not supposed to wish, that anymore. I have chosen Gale and the rebellion, and a future with Peeta is the Capitol's design, not mine.
Suzanne Collins

Some walks you have to take alone.
Suzanne Collins

The heat of the bread burned into my skin, but I clutched it tighter, clinging to life.
Suzanne Collins

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