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(About Drugs, Time)

The thought of Medicare wasting vital resources on performance-enhancing drugs is unconscionable, especially at a time when the focus should be on providing life-saving medications for truly needy seniors. Seniors should never be denied life-saving drugs at the cost of providing non-essential drugs for others.

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Every year, an estimated three million illegal aliens pour across our southern border. Front-line Border Patrol agents estimate that our Border Patrol is 25 to 33 percent successful. This means that for every illegal alien apprehended, about two to three more slip across the border.
Steve King

We need young farmers to buy land, enter the business and stay in our rural communities to raise their families. One of the most difficult challenges for beginning farmers is gaining access to adequate capital. As farming changes, we need to update the programs to meet the loan needs of those that are contemplating a farming career.
Steve King

Our defense is really flying to the ball. We've added a couple twists in certain situations and formations to confuse other team's offenses. We're quick and aggressive.
Steve King

It needed to be in the public record that no matter the size of the disaster, no matter the level of our compassion, that we have a responsibility to get emergency help to people the right way, but we also have a responsibility to be prudent in our planning,
Steve King

But we need to quit taxing people upon death. No taxation without respiration.
Steve King

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