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You learned to accept, or you ended up in a small room writing letters home with Crayolas.

("Pet Sematary")

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Even the company of the mad was better than the company of the dead.
Stephen King

Eddie discovered one of his childhood's great truths. Grownups are the real monsters, he thought.
Stephen King

She did not know if her gift came from the lord of light or of darkness, and now, finally finding that she didn't care which, she wad overcome with almost indescribable relief, as if a huge weight, long carried, had slipped from her shoulders.
Stephen King

A man who loves money is a bastard, someone to be hated. A man who can't take care of it is a fool. You don't hate him, but you got to pity him.
Stephen King

It was how wars really ended, Dieffenbaker supposed -- not at truce tables but in cancer wards and office cafeterias and traffic jams. Wars died one tiny piece at a time, each piece something that fell like a memory, each lost like an echo that fades in winding hills. In the end even war ran up the white flag. Or so he hoped. He hoped that in the end even war surrendered.
Stephen King

Stephen King

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