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I mean, really. Who sends their kid to boarding school? It's so Hogwarts. Only mine doesn't have cute boy wizards or magic candy or flying lessons.

("Anna and the French Kiss")

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I don't want to feel this way around him. I want things to be normal. I want to be his friend, not another stupid girl holding out for something that will never happen.
Stephanie Perkins

The first thing I notice is his hair - it's the first thing I notice about anyone. It's dark brown and messy and somehow both long and short at the same time. I think of the Beatles, since I've just seen them in Meredith's room. It's artist's hair. Musician hair. I-pretend-I-don't-care-but-I-really-do hair.
Stephanie Perkins

I'm a little distracted by this English French American Boy Masterpiece.
Stephanie Perkins

Why do I care so much about him, and why do I wish I didn't? How can one person make me so confused all of the time?
Stephanie Perkins

We both got our Point Zero wishes - each other. He said he wished for me every time.
Stephanie Perkins

How many times can our emotions be tied to someone else's - be pulled and stretched and twisted - before they snap? Before they can never be mended again?
Stephanie Perkins

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