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(About God, Love)

God does not live in structures of stone or brick. He lives in soft hearts warm with sympathy and fragrant with universal love.

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Aspire to live in peace, not in plenty.
Sathya Baba

You can find the footprints of God wherever there is beauty, virtue, humility, justice, truth, love and peace.
Sathya Baba

Politics without principles,Education without character,Science without humanity,and Commerce without moralityare not only useless, but also positively dangerous.
Sathya Baba

The tree can teach you forbearance and tolerance. It offers shade to all, irrespective of age, sex or religion, nationality or status. It helps with fruit and shade even to the foe who lays his axe on its trunk The dog can teach you a lesson in Faith, Self-less service and the process of Dedication.
Sathya Baba

No matter where you go, always do your duty as you see it and know that I will be there inside you guiding you every step of the way...There is no need to worry about anything. Whatever is experienced, whatever happens, know that this Avatar willed it so. There is no force on earth which can delay for an instant the mission for which this Avatar has come. You are all sacred souls and you will have your parts to play in the unfolding drama of the new Golden Age, which is coming.
Sathya Baba

Good company is important, it helps to cultivate good qualities.
Sathya Baba

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