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It hadn't even occured to me that somebody would believe mine.

("Just Listen")

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The fate of your heat is your choice and no one else gets a vote.
Sarah Dessen

So many versions of just one memory, and yet none of them were right or wrong. Instead, they were all pieces. Only when fitted together, edge to edge, could they even begin to tell the whole story.
Sarah Dessen

I'd still thought that everything I thought about that night-the shame, the fear-would fade in time. But that hadn't happened. Instead, the things that I remembered, these little details, seemed to grow stronger, to the point where I could feel their weight in my chest. Nothing, however stuck with me more than the memory of stepping into that dark room and what I found there, and how the light then took that nightmare and made it real.
Sarah Dessen

Everyone has their weak spot. The one thing that, despite your best efforts, will always bring you to your knees, regardless of how strong you are otherwise.
Sarah Dessen

Once, I was easy. Now, I was choosy. See? Big difference.
Sarah Dessen

Theres this other half of him i dont know of, its like he is trying it keep it a secret.... if he would just let me inside so i can help
Sarah Dessen

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