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(About God)

India, the new myth--a collective fiction in which anything was possible, a fable rivalled only by the two other mighty fantasies: money and God.

("Midnight's Children")

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I admit it: above all things, I fear absurdity.
Salman Rushdie

antediluvian, who think of homosexuality as ungodly, who have little time for real freedom of expression, who routinely express anti-Semitic views, and who, in the case of the Muslim Diaspora, are -- it has to be said -- in many ways at odds with the cultures among which they live.
Salman Rushdie

The acceptance that all that is solid has melted into the air, that reality and morality are not givens but imperfect human constructs, is the point from which fiction begins.
Salman Rushdie

After a winter's gestation in its eggshell of ice, the valley had beaked its way out into the open, moist and yellow.
Salman Rushdie

The black ice of that dark fortress received the sunlight like a mortal wound.
Salman Rushdie

Books choose their authors; the act of creation is not entirely a rational and conscious one.
Salman Rushdie

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