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The Million Mom March organizers planned a variety of events for Sunday, including appearances by Rosie O'Donnell, and singers Rosanne Cash, Emmylou Harris and Melissa Etheridge. We have had enough, ... Enough of the NRA.

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Why don't you come out here where the real people are

So We revealed to him, saying Make the ark before Our eyes and (according to) Our revelation and when Our command is given and the valley overflows, take into it of every kind a pair, two, and your followers, except those among them against whom the word has gone forth, and do not speak to Me in respect of those who are unjust surely they shall be drowned.

He it is Who sent down tranquillity into the hearts of the believers that they might have more of faith added to their faith-- and Allah's are the hosts of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is Knowing, Wise-- That He may cause the believing men and the believing women to enter gardens beneath which rivers flow to abide therein and remove from them their evil and that is a grand achievement with Allah And (that) He may punish the hypocritical men and the hypocritical women, and the polytheistic men and the polytheistic women, the entertainers of evil thoughts about Allah. On them is the evil turn, and Allah is wroth with them and has cursed them and prepared hell for them, and evil is the resort.

We looked pretty tough today. If we play with the intensity we brought to this game, we are a very good baseball team.

The idolaters have no right to visit the mosques of Allah while bearing witness to unbelief against themselves, these it is whose doings are null, and in the fire shall they abide.

And there is no animal in the earth but on Allah is the sustenance of it, and He knows its resting place and its depository all (things) are in a manifest book.

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