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On Angelina Jolie 'She's like a wild stallion, she's like a non-earthly creature to me.

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Primus will be better suited in the Australian Guineas in the autumn.

People try to say the Big 12 is better than our league. But I think we proved them wrong.

He knows that this is the playoffs, and he's a tough kid. He had to come back in the locker room and just get ready, and he got ready. We sent word to him that we needed him out there. He came back and hit a couple of shots. He hit a big three when I got doubled and I kicked the ball out to him. He played well.

Obviously, it is a heinous crime and my heart goes out to the family of the victim up in Boston. But he's the likely target. He was there that night, he is the one with the record. But it is important to note that he has no history whatsoever of any abuse against women, including sexual abuse or anything related to harassment.

It seemed like there was a lid on the basket. I'm sure we'll come in (today) and shoot some free throws.

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