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Every person as successful as me has the reputation of being difficult, especially if you're a woman. It's funny to me that I'm going to court for this. It's hysterical to me.

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Our offense will be our strength. We have a team that's going to have the puck. We have some speed. I believe that most of our team will benefit from that.

Are things better for me or for anyone who is looking for records In West Milford, there is no question. But they the GRC make some rather perplexing decisions. They are consistent in their inconsistency.

God don't make no mistakes. That's how He got to be God. (as Archie Bunker)

We'll get a lot of people some mound time. We've just got to find some arms.

We welcome the surprise announcement from the governor, coupled with House Bill 1, which has language that will ensure scientific integrity and ensure this money is given out on a scientific, peer-review basis. It's huge for the community.

The wild card here is Nestle because they are the largest global food company, ... They have to decide whether they want to participate.

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