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The cafe windows wrapped all the way around the observation floor, which gave us a beautiful panoramic view of the skeleton army that had come to kill us.

("The Titan's Curse")

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That's it, cupcake. You're going down.
Rick Riordan

It was like Percy had faced death before, like he knew about grief. What mattered was listening. You didn't need to say you were sorry. The only thing that helped was moving on-moving forward.
Rick Riordan

Lookin up at the huge baboons, I wondered if Khufu had some sort of secret baboon code that would get us in. But instead he barked at the statues and cowered heroically behind my legs.
Rick Riordan

Staying silent, staying away from him... that was the hardest thing I've ever done.
Rick Riordan

Percy tried to remember. He really did. For some reason, Annabeth and he had visited a spa and decided to destroy it. He couldn't imagine why. Maybe they hadn't like the deep-tissue massage? Maybe they'd gotten bad manicures?
Rick Riordan

Khufu carefully picked out everything that ended with-o-Doritos, Oreos, and some chunks of meat. Buffalo? Armadillo? I was scared to even ask.
Rick Riordan

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