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Teach you to try marrying me, you idiot!

("The Sea of Monsters")

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Keep a demon busy, I thought. Right. Maybe he fancies a game of Tiddlywinks.
Rick Riordan

You're pretty smug, Lord Ares, for a guy who runs from Cupid statues.
Rick Riordan

It's hard to look in charge when you're hunched over like Quasimodo.
Rick Riordan

I told Tantalus to go chase a doughnut.
Rick Riordan

A little slower, sweetheart. Cape Cod is freezing over.
Rick Riordan

After my bad experience as a kite, I simply refused to go about as a glowing Sadie-headed chicken. That's fine for Carter, but I have standards.
Rick Riordan

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