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If you look at it from any other side, it looks like a pile of enormous deer droppings, but Chiron wouldn't let us call the place the Poop Pile, especially after it had been named for Zeus, who doesn't have much of a sense of humor.

("The Titan's Curse")

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Death has more in common with Love than you might imagine.
Rick Riordan

Because Hope survives best at the Hearth.
Rick Riordan

Curled up at the base of the scales, fast asleep, was the oddest monster I'd seen yet. It had the head of crocodile with a lion's mane. The front half of its body was a lion, but the back end was sleek, brown, and fat - a hippo, I decided. The odd bit was, the animal was tiny - I mean, no larger than an average poodle, which I suppose made him a hippodoodle.
Rick Riordan

You Titans are about as bright as my gym socks.
Rick Riordan

I can't believe Sadie's going to let me have the last word. Our experience together must've really taught her something. Ow, she just hit me. Never mind.
Rick Riordan

The Feast of Fortuna had nothing to do with tuna, which was fine with Percy.
Rick Riordan

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