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If i'm going to survive, it won't be because i have a lion-skin cloak. I'm not Hercules.

("The Titan's Curse")

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She said this in the same way you might say Fields of Punishment or Hades's gym shorts.
Rick Riordan

Words had started swimming off the page, circling my head, the letters doing one-eighties as if they were riding skateboards.
Rick Riordan

And it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.
Rick Riordan

Maybe if he did really well they'd give him some mouldy apples.
Rick Riordan

Happy the Dragon was not so happy.
Rick Riordan

Percy tried to remember. He really did. For some reason, Annabeth and he had visited a spa and decided to destroy it. He couldn't imagine why. Maybe they hadn't like the deep-tissue massage? Maybe they'd gotten bad manicures?
Rick Riordan

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