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Because Hope survives best at the Hearth.

("The Last Olympian")

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I will not have a sea creature destroyed, if I can help it. And I can help it.
Rick Riordan

She'd also called me brave...unless she was talking to the catfish.
Rick Riordan

Thalia had been turned into a pine tree when she was 12. Me... well, i was doing my best not to follow her example. I had nightmares about what Poseidon might turn me into if i were ever in the verge of death. Plankton, maybe. Or a floating patch of kelp.
Rick Riordan

Nothing like watching your relatives fight, I always say.
Rick Riordan

Mark my words, nothing smells worse than burned scorpion.
Rick Riordan

Rainbows. Very Macho! ~Leo Valdez
Rick Riordan

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