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By taking the necessary action at the right time, businesses can prevent themselves going the same way and bearing the brunt of another company's business failure.

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People recognize it, and history has placed it among the group of influential records. I'm gratified it stuck to the wall.
Richard Lloyd

We had to work hard for it but we did it in some style. It is great to win the title before we have to play our two main rivals in the final games of the season and I am both thrilled and relieved that it did not go down to the very last game.
Richard Lloyd

Thousands of people around the world must live with the constant threat as they go about their daily lives.
Richard Lloyd

It was like pulling teeth to get signed. Everybody at record labels was hesitant. None of the bands were easy to see business-wise.
Richard Lloyd

That's probably the best record in the state, I'd say. I don't use tax sales. It's an option, but it's a last resort. I try to work with people and their mortgage company to resolve it without that expense.
Richard Lloyd

I am very happy. It was our fourth clean sheet and now another three points will make promotion a certainty.
Richard Lloyd

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