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A fair trial requires defense counsel who can defend their clients zealously, without fear of reprisal.

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There is an urgent need for a state to step forward. A prolonged delay would raise real questions about the commitment of the international community to international justice.
Richard Dicker

This is a disturbingly low threshold. It's a real anomaly that reflects Iraqi law but not developing international law.
Richard Dicker

serious human rights shortcomings in the structure of the trial.
Richard Dicker

This musical chairs that they keep playing with the judges raises profound questions about the credibility of the court.
Richard Dicker

The trial did lay bare evidence of crimes he was alleged to have committed. I don't feel the four years were a waste in this sense. Something of a record has been set out, though short of the finality of a verdict.
Richard Dicker

There has only been one case to date in which a war crime committed against ethnic Serbs was prosecuted and properly tried in a Croatian court. By contrast, Croatian courts have found ethnic Serbs guilty of war crimes even for such acts as theft of bedclothes, plates or an alarm clock from a house.
Richard Dicker

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