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Sweetheart, I'm the biggest ripped-off cartoonist in the history of the world, and that's all I'm going to say.

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Live action writers will give you a structure, but who the hell is talking about structure? Animation is closer to jazz than some kind of classical stage structure.
Ralph Bakshi

Painting pictures didn't make me a lot of money. I have to eat.
Ralph Bakshi

I am not interested in slickness for the sake of slickness.
Ralph Bakshi

Look what Disney's done to their animation department. There wasn't an animator in charge of their animation unit!
Ralph Bakshi

I thought I had the rights to The Lord of the Rings. I don't know how Jackson ended up with the rights.
Ralph Bakshi

As an artist, I want to interpret my feelings - not run across the street and ask what my mother thinks.
Ralph Bakshi

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