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I swear by the daybreak, And the ten nights, And the even and the odd, And the night when it departs.

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(They are) listeners of a lie, devourers of what is forbidden therefore if they come to you, judge between them or turn aside from them, and if you turn aside from them, they shall not harm you in any way and if you judge, judge between them with equity surely Allah loves those who judge equitably.

And that which We have revealed to you of the Book, that is the truth verifying that which is before it most surely with respect to His servants Allah is Aware, Seeing.

And We will set up a just balance on the day of resurrection, so no soul shall be dealt with unjustly in the least and though there be the weight of a grain of mustard seed, (yet) will We bring it, and sufficient are We to take account.

There have been millions of dollars poured into this place to take that temporary, wooden camp and turn it into a modern city that could support the modern army. It's taken 65 years to happen.

in the neighborhood of last year's, which hovered around 60 million and is in baseball's lower middle class.

Therefore he has not here today a true friend, Nor any food except refuse, Which none but the wrongdoers eat.

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