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And that which We have revealed to you of the Book, that is the truth verifying that which is before it most surely with respect to His servants Allah is Aware, Seeing.

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If families are knowledgeable about the disease and know what to expect, they can be more empowered in dealing with the disease. The most important thing is they get linked with helpful community resources they may need.

This is clearly not an efficient and economic use of resources for the United States, or the rest of the world for that matter, ... Yet it is the direct result of our historical energy policies.

This year, thank God, seems back to normal. The show will go on in its old tradition, forgoing the seriousness of last year. They'll be going back to having fun.

Brian obviously looks a bit fitter now. I'm pretty happy with the way he's going. His comeback has come in the middle of an intense period. There's so much focus on the guy but we must remember that he is just a footy player like everybody else.

We have a good bunch of kids. They want to win and learn.

On the day that We will say to hell Are you filled up And it will say Are there any more And the garden shall be brought near to those who guard (against evil), not far off This is what you were promised, (it is) for every one who turns frequently (to Allah), keeps (His limits) Who fears the Beneficent God in secret and comes with a penitent heart Enter it in peace, that is the day of abiding.

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