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(About Arguments, Idleness)

Arguments derived from probabilities are idle.

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Perfect wisdom hath four parts wisdom, the principle of doing things right justice the principle of doing things equally in public and private fortitude, the principle of not fleeing danger, but meeting it and temperance, the principle of subdui

Beholding beauty with the eye of the mind, he will be enabled to bring forth, not images of beauty, but realities (for he has hold not of an image but of a reality), and bringing forth and nourishing true virtue to become the friend of God and be immortal, if mortal man may.

States are as the men, they grow out of human characters.

The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.

Virtue is relative to the actions and ages of each of us in all that we do.

Someday, in the distant future, our grandchildren's grandchildren will develop a new equivalent of our classrooms. They will spend many hours in front of boxes with fires glowing within. May they have the wisdom to know the difference between light and knowledge.

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