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Since Stark had come back from the Otherworld, he'd been too weak and out of it to do much more than eat, sleep, and play computer games with Seoras, which was actually a super weird sight, it was like high school meets Braveheart meets Call of Duty.


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You'll see. She can be nice sometimes.
P.C. Cast

Our Z's been fucking Loren Blake.
P.C. Cast

What dark secrets do you keep hidden from the world? Where would you go if no one could find you? What would you do if no one could see you?
P.C. Cast

Its more than a simple belief that there is good and that it should fight the evil in the world. It's a personification of Light and Darkness at their most elemental level, as forces that are so absorbed with themselves that one cannot exist without the other though they constantly try to consume one another. One of the earliest repersentations of Light and Darkness was of Light being a massive black bull and Darkness being an enormous white bull.
P.C. Cast

If its got tires or testicles it's going to give you trouble
P.C. Cast

I spent centuries I your arms. This time our joining will be controlled by me, and you will revel in the pleasure I can bring you. Throw off the shackles of your distant goddess and come to me. Be my love, truly, in body as well as soul and I will give you the world!
P.C. Cast

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