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Light always underestimates the viciousness of Darkness


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Warrior, when you pledge yourself to the service of a High Priestess, the goal is not to frighten her to death but to protect your lady from death.
P.C. Cast

I'm her protection! I don't care if it's in this world or the next. Just show me how to get where she is, and I'll be there for her. ~Stark
P.C. Cast

But sometimes you gotta do stuff you donÆt want to do.
P.C. Cast

There's some shit you just can't control.
P.C. Cast

No. Seriously. Speak American and not this ancient and very fucked-up, confusing olden-day Euro crap. Without the confusing woo-woo refrences, explain why the hell you're writing Zoey off.
P.C. Cast

I'm here because she's here, and she belongs to me. ~Rephaim
P.C. Cast

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